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Elite C6 Light Bar

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  • $499
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Versatile and functional, our Spectra C6 Tower Light Bar lets you individually direct six pod lights forward and/or back, above or below your tower.

  • We’ve also incorporated an LED interior light for increased in-boat visibility.
  • Our light bars are perfect for night time loading and unloading, docking and trailering.
  • We’ve also upgraded them to include 3 watt HP LED lights; this change increases longevity and decreases power draw.
  • Mounted using our included universal clamp, the C6 tower light bar will fit most towers on the market.

 Product Highlights

  • Polished finish
  • Six 3w HP LED lamps
  • Universal Clamp
  • Dual speakon quick connectors
  • Mounts front or back with multiple clamp locations
  • Lights rotate to face front and/or back
  • New polycarbonate LED lenses
  • Custom ice blue, fire red, & crystal white LED lenses