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Roswell is proud to announce the release of the world's first patent pending magnetic board rack swivel. A true OEM upgrade to any Roswell board racks, its simplicity and ease of use is what makes this swivel a piece of genius. Featuring a brushed anodized body and stainless steel hardware, it has 2 locking positions and works with any Roswell designed square swivel mount (includes the Aviator, AVX, FCT-3, 200, G21, G23, G25, 210, 230 and S Bend towers). The MAG Swivel's magnetic technology offers a smooth and easy to use operation for any age. 

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Last year our friends from Good Times Marine in Sydney took a trip over to the USA and stopped off at Roswell HQ in Florida. They put together this fantastic interview with Robert Oswell, the Founder of Roswell Wake Air, talking about the companies history, what makes a great wakeboard tower where the industry is heading...    

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Roswell Wake-Air rides its wave How one man's love for a sport spawned an international businessBy: Barbara Righton    From: Business without Borders  Date: Thursday March 21st, 2013 Even for the uninitiated, it's easy to imagine that wakeboarding had its genesis in California. Cutting back and forth behind a sleek boat and using its waves to launch high-flying tricks seems tailor made for the sun and surf culture. (It is also said to have been invented Down Under when a water skier used a snowboard behind a boat, initially dubbing the sport "skurfing.") More improbable is that a hockey-playing teenager who...

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Hey, So for everyone wondering what's with the new Tab at the top of the website, we have just launched Roswell Australia's new Email Newsletter. I recommend checking it out. Don't worry, there wont be 50 emails a day clogging up your inbox while your trying to work, we hate Spam too! It'll be pretty much once or twice a month, just keeping you up to date with the latest products and discounts on offer and all of our favorite pics and videos... And you can unsubscribe at anytime..    

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