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Roswell is proud to release its PRO range of transom mounted underwater lights. With built in protection for reverse polarity, low voltage, over voltage and temperature protection these lights run as well out of water as in the water.  Available in white or blue and in 3,4 and 6 inch sizes, these underwater lights are guaranteed to add a custom element to any boat. The Nightwater Pro range of underwater lights are made in the USA and include a 3 year warranty. The cooling system and temperature control system allows for out of water use so a boat and trailer package can...

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Last year our friends from Good Times Marine in Sydney took a trip over to the USA and stopped off at Roswell HQ in Florida. They put together this fantastic interview with Robert Oswell, the Founder of Roswell Wake Air, talking about the companies history, what makes a great wakeboard tower where the industry is heading...    

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The Aviator has arrived...   Check it out in our site here   Here is the Vid from the guys in the States, enjoy!       

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Hey, So for everyone wondering what's with the new Tab at the top of the website, we have just launched Roswell Australia's new Email Newsletter. I recommend checking it out. Don't worry, there wont be 50 emails a day clogging up your inbox while your trying to work, we hate Spam too! It'll be pretty much once or twice a month, just keeping you up to date with the latest products and discounts on offer and all of our favorite pics and videos... And you can unsubscribe at anytime..    

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